Temperature control units

Marse is an auxiliary machinery company for the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and steel industries that was founded in 1978. Since then, it has provided excellent customer service, high quality and reliability of its products. At the same time, they are constantly working on improving the machines.

In 1998, the company Industrial y Comercial Marse started an international expansion accompanied by the modernization of all existing machines and the expansion of the product catalog.

Since 2017, with the help of a team of qualified experts, the company continues to expand and constantly improve its machines and work processes.

As a manufacturer of temperature control devices, Marsé can offer you standard TCUs as well as devices specially designed according to customer requirements.

There are two groups of TCUs:

  • Water TCU from 25 °C to 180 °C with heating power from 3 to 72 kW.
  • Oil TCU up to 300 °C with heating power from 6 to 72 kW

Working with water offers advantages especially at high temperatures, its heat transfer performance is much better than that of oil. Water as a means of temperature regulation offers many advantages from an ecological point of view.

Working with oil up to 300°C is essential when the working temperature is above 180°C. Unlike water, oil has much greater thermal stability.

Both types of temperature units have a classic and a touch screen.


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