About Hydromx company

Nano-chladící kapalina

The company DATRIA represents the company HYDROMX in the European plastics market. The company Hydromx offers a REVOLUTIONARY COOL OR HEAT TRANSFER FLUID USING THE NANO-THERMO™ TECHNOLOGY FOR PRESSURE CLOSED COOLING SYSTEMS. Hydromx uses NANO-PARTICLES that are suspended in a stable state, thereby increase the speed of the cooling transfer by cooling the fluid. The cooling transfer is done in less time which considerably saves energy.

Our team Meet our team of experts
Mgr. Dalibor Ježek Mgr. Dalibor Ježek

Managing director

Milan Křížek Milan Křížek

Technician Sales Manager

Jan Danihelka Jan Danihelka

Sales Manager

Libor Kusý Libor Kusý

Sales Manager

Michal Plíšek Michal Plíšek

Head of Design Department

Ing. Eva Holeková Ing. Eva Holeková

Marketing Manager

Aneta Václavková Aneta Václavková

Sales Department Assistant