Flexible power

Depending on the specific characteristics of your product, a fabric permeable to vapour or gas or quite the reverse a gas or vapour proof fabric, an air tight and-or moisture proof, an anti-static or an air permeable fabric will be used. Combinations of other fabrics and production techniques are possible too.

The design of the silo frame depends on the size and the maximum bulk density in your silo. We supply galvanized tubular steel frames or custom-made galvanized profile frames. These concepts can always be dismantled and placed in a narrow space and consequently will never be heavier or more expensive than it is required for your application.

Because of the fact that Flexxolution is completely tailor-made and that we are taking into account your available space, you will never lose valuable floor capacity. Moreover, it allows us to recommend the optimal proportion between storage volume and required surface, within the possibilities of the present site.

For removable storage we have developed special transport cars, composed of a large volume Flexxolution, combined with a mobile frame, particularly suitable for temporary storage, storage of small quantities or flexible internal transport of light bulk materials.

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