Tube granulator

The GP series tube granulators are available in rotor widths up to 1000 mm and diameters from 500, 700, 800 to 1000 mm. The all-welded, heavy-duty steel cutting chamber is angled and features an extended hopper for easy part feeding.

Tube granulator

  • Convenient and quick adjustment of knives outside the machine
  • Specially designed for pipelines
  • Wide selection of rotors
  • Well thought out case design
  • Strong welded steel construction
  • Oversized outboard bearings

Special for pipes

The GP series is specially designed for crushing PE, PP, PVC pipes with a diameter from 16 mm to 450 mm. Conveyor belt, blower fan, storage silo and dust extraction system are available for higher performance.

Conventional granulators have significant problems handling long pipes. In most cases, cavities or platforms are needed to feed large and bulky parts. That is why ENMA developed the GP series granulator. Thanks to the almost horizontal hopper, long pieces can be easily fed and there is no risk of blocking when the machine is in operation. In case of overload, the machine will not accept any more material until the grinding chamber is empty and the machine will accept the material again and work continuously.

The standard V-cut produces a high-quality grind with a very low percentage of fine particles in the output material.


  • GP500/500
  • GP700/700
  • GP800/800
  • GP1000/800
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