Réduire 600

The Réduire is a high-performance granulator that not only features heavy-duty cutting technology, but also features modular cutting knives. At the same time, the "open-type" design of the front and rear boxes greatly facilitates operation, service and cleaning.

Its notable design features include: a unique double scissor cutting system; A complete line of unified designs for rotor and stator blades. The Réduire range is designed based on experience and with the aim of reducing the cost of use by the customer as much as possible. This model is versatile and rapidly improves output capacity.

The Réduire series uses an "open-type" body opening and closing design, which can quickly and directly operate the rotor and inner cutting chamber and reduce cleaning and maintenance time. The rotor, blade and screen installed in the machine body can be detected without limitation by opening the front and rear doors with a pneumatic spring.


  • Reduce 600-600
  • Reduce 600-900
  • Reduce 600-1200
  • Reduce 600-1500


Réduire 600