Hardened check valve HPT5 - A

Hardened check valve HPT5 - tool steel with high chrome content, up to 45% GF, hardness 60-64HRc, high chemical resistence.

Hardened check valve HPT5 - A

Material: special tool steel with high chrome content

Hardness: 60-64 HRc

Working temperature: up to 600°C

Suitable for: General and technical plastics with halogen-free flame retardant additive: PA, PP, LCP, POM, PPA, PBT, ABS, PC, PPC, PA46, LCP, 4T, 9T, HTN, DSM, PSM and suitable even for special plastics such as PEI, PEEK.

For material with glass fibre content: up to 45%

Wear resistance: level 6 (super excellent)

Chemical resistance: level 7 (super excellent), Chromium content 26%

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