Linie do kompaundowania tworzyw sztucznych

The company DATRIA became the exclusive agent of the company Polimer Technics for European market which had in the period of its origin in their portfolio particularly unique twin-screw compounding extruders and their accessories. In a short span of time, Polimer Technics has achieved being a well-known and became sought-after parner of plastics companies all over the world. The company has a dynamic character that gives it the opportunity to offer markets unique, innovative, design and reliable facilities using modern and skilled technologies. Currently the company specializes in the development and production of the compounding lines, strand granulators and accessories.


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Libor Kusý Libor Kusý

Sales Manager
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Jiří Janoštík Jiří Janoštík

Sales Manager
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Vít Konečný Vít Konečný

Sales Manager
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Aneta Václavková Aneta Václavková

Business Development Manager
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Mgr. Dalibor Ježek Mgr. Dalibor Ježek

Managing director
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Ing. Eva Holeková Ing. Eva Holeková

Marketing / Logistics
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Bc. Lenka Ropková Bc. Lenka Ropková

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