Flat film extrusion lines and thermoforming

O firmie MEAF

Extruzní linky na ploché fólie a thermoforming

MEAF Machines B.V. is your one-stop-shop manufacturer for sheet extrusion equipment and thermoforming machinery for a wide variety of raw materials and plastic disposables. MEAF offers the possibility to deliver turnkey projects (including auxiliaries) and can even undertake customized, in-house retrofits of existing production lines!

From its beginnings in 1947, MEAF’s philosophy has always been to design, develop and construct sheet extrusion and thermoforming equipment to the worldwide packaging and polymer processing industry. The phenomenal success of the MEAF range of machines comes forth out of the customer oriented, innovative and flexible approach towards complex projects in combination with a partnership approach towards a customer, supporting them in every single phase of the process, even years after the procurement of a machine.

The major bulk of the application areas covers the thermoforming grades of sheet for disposable and food-packaging containers, produced within a thickness range of 200 - 2000 µm (0.2 - 2.0mm) and generally wound into rolls of diameters varying from 500 - 2.000mm.

Other major areas encompass luggage shells, carpet/automotive products, refrigerator doors and liners, advertising signs, displays, shower rays, bathtubs, lightening fixtures and others! For these applications plate thickness up to 20mm and width of 500 - 2.500 mm in high gloss or embossed finishes are able to being produced on the MEAF sheetlines.


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