WG Wet Granulator

The WG Wet Granulator Series is a system ideal for bottles and containers that contain contaminate inside them that need to be rinsed out. As the material is fed through the wash nozzles spray the regrinds to rinse off the contaminate. The material is then met by the rotor to be grinded up to the desired size needed.

WG Wet Granulator


  • A wide range of motors available from 215-333 HP
  • Soundproofing to control noise levels
  • Knives made from D2 Steel proven to last longer than regular steel
  • Optional Force Feeder
  Model   Motor power   Chamber Opening   Output
WG80/120 160 kW 800 x 1.200 mm 1,000 – 2.500 Kg / h
WG80/160 184 kW 800 x 1.600 mm 2,000 – 2.800 Kg / h
WG80/200 250 kW 800 x 2.000 mm 2,500 – 3.200 Kg / h


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