G35/G45/G55 Soundproof Granulator

G35/G45/G55 Soundproof Granulators offer a soundproof, compact, low operating cost, all-in-one machine. With a wide variety of models available to choose from, the G35/G45/G55 Granulators are ideal for applications with small parts, small bottles, containers, injection molded parts, film, sheets, and elastic plastic parts.

G35/G45/G55 Soundproof Granulator


- a wide range of motors available from 5.5-50 HP
- soundproof
- knives made of D2 steel proved to last longer than regular steel
- screen sizes range from 1/8" - 1"
- scissor rotor design to help achieve a clean cut to create minimum dust and fines



G35/G45/G55 Soundproof Granulator - photogallery

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