CANBIO sT (180-500 tonnes)


CANBIO sT (180-500 tonnes)

Features the TACTUS™ Controller

The CANBIO sT Series are 5-point double toggle clamp, servo-pump hydraulic powered injection moulding machines available in 180-, 250-, 330-, 400- and 500-tonne models.

An important feature of the Negri Bossi servo solution is the implementation of twin servo pumps (single on model ST180). Though not the least expensive solution, twin pumps allow simultaneous operation of functions such as ejector and core action during clamp movement, providing the benefits of servo technology without a reduction in machine performance. Energy efficiency was at the forefront of the design consideration and this has resulted in the inclusion of the very latest servo-pump technology, purpose built for the injection moulding application.

The injection unit features a reciprocating screw, with injection capacities from 268g to 4400g (PS) across the range. CANBIO sT machines are equipped as standard with:

  • TACTUS™ Touchscreen PC with Powerlink, user-friendly interface with full range of control parameters
  • Smart Flex clamping unit with generous tie bar spacing to accommodate larger moulds
  • Moving platen that rides on linear bearings for excellent platen parallelism and reduced energy consumption
  • Long ejector strokes
  • Robust in-line swinging injection unit with quick release barrel
  • Highly efficient servo motor driven gear pump system
  • AMICO wireless remote service access

CANBIO sT END MARKET APPLICATIONS eCANBIO-Secondary-Product-Collage-500x250px

  • General Small Size Parts
  • General Medium Size Parts
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Appliance
  • Household
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic & Telecomm
  • Technical Moulding
  • Packaging
  • Food & Beverage
  • Containers
  • Closures
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