BIPOWER (1300-7000 tonnes)


BIPOWER (1300-7000 tonnes)

The BIPOWER Series are two-platen clamp, hybrid power injection moulding machines available in 1300-, 1500-, 2000-, 2500-, 2700-, 3500-, 4200-, 5500- and 7000-tonne models. The injection unit features a reciprocating screw with electric screw rotation, with injection capacities (g PS) ranging from 2948 to 74900 (x1 injection unit 1300- to 7000-tonne models) and also 102060 to 149800 (x2 injection units on 7000-tonne model) across the line. Machines feature a highly modular design with low base for excellent accessibility. BIPOWER machines are equipped as standard with:

BIPOWER Two Platen injection moulding machine

  • Fully digital CanBus control
  • Robust design for proven, reliable performance
  • Clamping unit with generous tie bar spacing and clamping pistons on the moving platen for excellent reliability and faster dry cycle times
  • Long ejector strokes
  • Robust twin cylinder injection unit
  • Electric screw drive for energy savings, and overlapping movements for faster cycle times
  • Powerful, user-friendly C-TOUCH user interface with full range of control parameters
  • AMICO wireless remote service access





BIPOWER END MARKET APPLICATIONS BiPower-Secondary-Product-Collage-500x250px2

  • General Large Size Parts
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Appliance
  • Household
  • Aerospace
  • Technical Moulding
  • Containers
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